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Student Loan Debt Is A Drag On Your Health - Yahoo News

Payday advances without the loan-sharking - CNN.com

A link has been sent. Done Student Loan Debt Is a Drag on Your Health By Marine Cole 13 minutes ago 0 shares View photo Student Loan Debt Is a Drag on Your Health Its no secret that graduating from college with high student debt will be a financial burden for years to come but student debt could also affects your well-being and health. Graduates with the greatest amounts of student debt $50,000 or more are less likely than debt-free grads to be thriving in terms of well-being, according to a new Gallup-Purdue Index released Thursday. The index is a joint effort between Purdue University and the Lumina Foundation to study the relationship between the college experience and graduates lives. It looked at Americans who graduated from college between 1990 and 2014. Related: ID Thieves Could Ruin a College Students Financial Future Gallup defines well-being as consisting of five elements: finding fulfillment in daily work and interactions; having strong social relationships and access to vital resources; feeling financially secure; being physically healthy; and taking part in a true community. Not surprisingly, the pollster found the starkest difference between graduates who sunk deepest into debt and those who didnt take on any debt at all in the areas of financial and physical well-being. More specifically, high financial debt of all kinds, including student debt, has been associated with higher blood pressure and poorer self-reported general and mental health in young adults, according to a Northwestern University study published a year ago. That study also found that people with high debt reported higher levels of perceived stress and higher depressive symptoms. Related: Why High Debt Could Mean Financial Stability However, Gallup noted that high student loan debt might not be the only reason for lower well-being. Other factors that often determine whether students take out loans for college and how much they borrow may be the same factors that influence graduates future well-being, it noted.
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Russia?s VTB Said to Provide Saudi Loan Amid Sanctions - Bloomberg

The lender can usually sell some of collateral if the borrower is unable to post cash. Banks are keen to do these deals because of the lucrative fees. VTB was not among the top 46 banks ranked by Bloomberg in the Middle East and North Africa for syndicated loans this year. It was ranked 9th for arranging the loans in Russia and the commonwealth of independent states, the data show. It comes as the U.S. has sanctioned several Russian banks, and the European Union has cut off state-owned lenders from its capital markets over President Vladimir Putin s stance on Ukraine . A spokeswoman for VTB Capital, the investment banking arm of the bank, declined to comment. A spokesman for Dar Al Arkan did not return phone calls and e-mails requesting comment. Infrastructure Investment Dar Al Arkan, Saudi Arabias second-largest publicly traded real estate developer, is benefiting as the kingdom implements a $130 billion investment plan to boost infrastructure.
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Acceptable Servicing Capabilities: Day-to-day servicing will be provided by South Carolina Student Loan Corporation and Nelnet Servicing, LLC will be the back-up servicer. All servicers have demonstrated adequate servicing capabilities. RATING SENSITIVITIES Since FFELP student loan ABS rely on the U.S. government to reimburse defaults, 'AAAsf' FFELP ABS ratings will likely move in tandem with the 'AAA' U.S. sovereign rating. Aside from the U.S. sovereign rating, defaults and basis risk account for the majority of the risk embedded in FFELP student loan transactions. Additional defaults and basis shock beyond Fitch's published stresses could result in future downgrades. Likewise, a buildup of credit enhancement driven by positive excess spread given favorable basis factor conditions could lead to future upgrades. Key Rating Drivers and Rating Sensitivities are further described in the pre-sale report titled 'South Carolina Student Loan Corporation, 2014 Series', dated August 4, 2014, available on www.fitchratings.com , or by clicking on the link. Additional information is available at ' www.fitchratings.com '.
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Fitch to Rate South Carolina Student Loan Corp, 2014 Series; Presale Issued - Yahoo Finance

"The external demand is improving as a recovery in major developed countries underpins the global economy," he said. Imports from China's largest source for resources, Australia, dropped 5.7 percent, partly due to softer commodity prices but the fall adds to questions over the health of domestic demand. Some analysts attributed weak imports to the crackdown on commodity financing following the Qingdao port fraud probe. Combined exports and imports grew 2 percent in the first seven months from a year earlier, trailing far behind the government's full-year target of 7.5 percent. The record trade surplus and pressure from capital inflows were seen renewing pressure on the yuan. The currency is poised for its third consecutive day of gains as the central bank signaled it was comfortable with stronger levels as the economy was improving. "With Chinese economic activity improving, we believe that there is scope for RMB to further appreciate, driven by conversion of onshore FX deposits and increased foreign portfolio inflows," analysts at ANZ said in a note. That could create a fresh headache for China's central bank, which intervened to weaken the currency earlier this year when it punished speculators betting on one-way yuan appreciation. Chinese leaders have pledged to maintain pro-growth policies to help achieve the annual growth target of 7.5 percent. The government unveiled a burst of "targeted" policy stimulus since April, including cutting reserve requirements for some banks, hastening construction of railways and public housing and allowing local governments to loosen property curbs. The Politburo, a top decision-making body of the ruling Communist Party, said last month that China must maintain a "certain speed" in its development over the long term to help resolve problems in the economy The government is due to release inflation data on Saturday, and industrial output, retail sales and fixed-asset investment on Aug.
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China posts record trade surplus, but domestic economy may lag - Yahoo News

How It Works Employees can sign up for Active Hours on their own, providing their bank account number. They use the app to upload a photo of their electronic time sheets (paper time sheets aren't allowed). ActiveHours knows which systems are used by most employers, so it uses a photo of the system to verify the timesheet is real and checks the hours logged against past deposits made into the user's bank account. As we move into this on-demand economy, your payroll should be the same way. Micky Malka, Ribbit Capital ActiveHours also uses geolocation to ensure the user was at work when he took the photo. Once a user has been approved, he can see how much money he's already earned and transfer any percentage of it into his bank account. ActiveHours essentially gives the user a cash advance and deposits it into the user's account the next day. When payday rolls around, ActiveHours withdraws the same amount from the user's account. And at the end of it all, users can opt to pay ActiveHours a couple bucks -- or nothing at all. Unusual as that may sound, Palaniappan isn't the only one who believes in the concept. ActiveHours has caught the attention of Ribbit Capital, a financial services investment firm that typically only invests in late stage companies.
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